1st Love CPS

by Dr. Mike Anderson

As a licensed counselor and ordained minister, who has served from local congregations for the past 30 years, Mike now has the opportunity to serve as a Pastor-at-large (i.e., Faith Catalyst, Spiritual Mentor/Director, Urban/Suburban Missionary).

Grace and Faith: Abide

by Michael and Nicole O’Malley

You have reached Abide with Pastor Michael O’Malley. We are an extension of Grace and Faith Bible Church established by Pastor Gary Luecke, Director of Charis Bible College. Our heart’s desire is to see the Body of Christ grow through Discipleship.

Moved in Heart Ministries

by Jan and Zane Stoddard

We live in Thailand working with Breanna’s House of Joy- a girls orphanage, University students, and outreach to Hill tribe peoples. Also, we continue to minister together with 2 ministries in India involved in Discipleship through story..