Acceptance in the Program

In order to be approved as an Associate Minister, the AMP program requires the applicant to:

    1. Submit a formal Application to The Joy To The World Foundation (click here to download)
    2. Submit a one-time setup fee of $150.
    3. Complete Ministers Housing Allowance worksheet if appropriate (click here to download)
    4. Complete a budget and compensation worksheet (click here to download)
    5. Provide a description of the duties and responsibilities the Associate Minister will have with the ministry
    6. Provide a copy of your Letter of Ordination, Certificate or License
    7. Provide a Letter of Assignment from a Church. This can be any active Church. Please use the following form letter: (click here to download template that must be used.)
    8. Because it is not required for a church to file with the IRS for tax exempt status, the IRS is very concerned today about individuals claiming to have churches that are not really churches just to get the benefit. Please provide, at least one of the following items from the Church that supplied the Letter of Assignment:

A) IRS Determination Letter
B) Website for the church showing activities
C) State registration showing status as a church

Ongoing Requirements:

  1. Provide Quarterly Updates of activities performed, this can be a donor newsletter or similar report of activities.
  2. Provide annual budget for project.

All prospective project managers should complete an application form with a ministry description, budget and compensation worksheet, Minister’s Housing Allowance worksheet and send the information into the Foundation along with a copy of their letter of ordination if applicable. Applications will be reviewed and approved by the AMP advisory committee of The Joy To The World Foundation Board of Directors. Upon approval, the applicant will be notified of his or her acceptance,will be setup with an account number, with a page on the website and can begin fundraising for his or her project.